Great Southern Yacht Company

Todd Horney - Broker

Pensacola, FL, US

In the early 90’s, I fished the Southern Kingfish Association circuit and my team won or placed in tournaments in North Carolina, South Carolina, the Panhandle of Florida, Alabama and Mississippi.  I achieved semi-pro status in 1998 and, more importantly, found a true passion for boating, fishing, and sharing that life style with others. After retiring from Marine Corps Infantry and Abbott Labs’ sales, I wanted to pursue my passion and began looking for a career in the Maritime industry. I started operating a part time private fishing charter in 2011, working predominantly with the local charity fishing tournament circuit, as well as area public tournaments.

Brokerage sales were a natural transition for me because of the wide variety of boats I owned or captained for the past 25 years. After a successful 2 years start, I came to work with Great Southern Yachts, primarily because of several past positive experiences working with the company. I knew their customers were also treated with the same shared integrity, respect and high level of customer service. This is my passion and I will earn your business!